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ToDoListLib .NET

A C# .NET class library for use with Dan Godson's ToDoList task management software.

ToDoList (TDL) has been around for over a decade. It's excellent Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) written in C++. Dan Godson (dan.g.) has been updating it continually, with rapid fixes as required, and welcome enhancements in every release. This fine software is extensible in many ways, but very few C++ developers contribute to the code in terms of help with the core or extensions.

The data files exported by ToDoList are XML. The ToDoListLibDotNet library, written in C#, allows any .NET developer to read and write those files with elegant, strongly-typed classes. This library deserializes the XML into simple classes generated with the xsd utility, then encapsulates those classes to provide type-safety and data integrity. After usage outside of the ToDoList utility, applications making use of the data should be able to write data back to the XML files without corruption which would preclude further processing by ToDoList itself.

ToDoList will always remain the primary "reference application" for maintenance of ToDoList files, with a high-quality GUI and a tuned set of rules for project management. This library facilitates the creation of new applications and additional user interfaces to operate on a common data set. This project in no way intends to modify or replace ToDoList itself, but rather to allow .NET developers to create new applications which augment the capabilities of TDL in ways that have not been possible with the TDL C++ code base.

This project is completely new as of 2014 and is going to be in flux for a while. Please come back and check progress. See the How To Help link below for ideas on how you can participate.

Project Links

Current Status, latest activity, updated 7-Sep-2014

Possible applications for this library

Keeping ToDoListLib in sync with ToDoList (kinda important - sets expectations for updates)

How to Help (you don't need to write code!)

Release Notes (will be updated as new releases are available)

See the project Documentation pages for details on code and related usage. That includes Note and some Q&A about why and how things work.


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