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This project is completely new as of February 2014 and is going to be in flux for a while. Please come back and check progress. See the How To Help link below for ideas on how you can participate.

You might want to regularly check the Current Status page.

Code Documentation

Generating schema and code for the underlying libraries

Requirements (assemblies to reference)

Class descriptions

Task Recurrence

Custom Attributes

The Helpers class

Notes (high-level and low-level notes that might get sorted to other pages later)

Q&A (sort of a FAQ, questions that are expected to be asked, so they're answered here)

Project Links

Possible applications for this library

Keeping ToDoListLib in sync with ToDoList (kinda important - sets expectations for updates)

How to Help (you don't need to write code!)

Release Notes (will be updated as new releases are available)


ToDoListLib is brought to you by Tony Gravagno of Nebula Research and Development.
(Also known as 'iamstarbuck' at CodeProject.)

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